Different Options For Teeth Replacement

There is nothing better than our natural teeth.  With our natural teeth we can eat, smile and do everything that we want with confidence.  When we have our natural teeth, we have a sense of pride and when we have issues with our teeth many of us shy away from the world.

As children we are taught to take care of our teeth.  We are told to stay away from sweets, brush twice a day and even become excited when we lose our baby teeth and get money from the tooth fairy.  However, as we get older and we begin to have issues with our teeth our outlooks are not as positive.  This is why dental implant kenosha are so important to the mental and physical health of those who don’t have or have bad teeth.


Dentures are false teeth.  These are what we typically think of when we think of having teeth replaced.  These were typically ugly looking, needed to be removed every night before bed and sat in a glass of water by the bed so that they wouldn’t dry out.


The next option that we have is partials.  These are false teeth that are attached to a metal wire.  The wire is inserted into the mouth where the teeth are missing and held in place.  They act and function as real teeth but are really difficult for most people.  Also, if you lose more teeth or have issues then you will need to have your partials replaced.


dental implant kenosha

Dental implants are where the industry is going today.  With the technology that we currently have we can 3D print teeth and make them available in a few days.  The implants are also installed in such a way that a metal plate is affixed to the jawbone and the implants are installed into that plate.  This makes the process a lot easier to maintain since you don’t have to remove them, and you can treat them similarly to normal teeth.

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